Dangerous Things About VPN There are some things that are more dangerous when using VPN mobile applications.

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Dangerous VPN Apps

There are some VPN apps that are very dangerous and you should not use those apps at all.

We have some reports of people who have been through this so you should be warned.

Some of the VPN apps are very dangerous because they are not made for VPN purposes.

Some dangerous apps are not found on Google Play store, don’t ever trust those VPN apps.

If there are some dangerous apps that you know you can also let us know so that we notify others.

In the world also extend this list of dangerous apps that you should not use at all cost.

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1 Malicious VPN Apps

Some Vivian apps contains malware inside them so you need to use the one you really know.

You can actually download and start using a VPN app that contains virus which can hurt your phone.

It is not easy to detect it however it is more important to download apps from Google Play store.

We highly recommend to trust Android apps from Google Play store because they are verified.

However, hackers are clever! You can download the airplane app then it may install it malware while using it.

Always be extra caution because you mean lose your data at any time without any warning.

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2 Destroys Your Phone

The other disadvantages of not using a VPN is that it can quickly destroy your mobile phone.

This is very clear and if you often use VPN you know that your device raise up temperature sometimes.

That’s a signal which shows that you phone is being abused with some VPN apps.

Especially the ones that work in conjunction with each other like OpenVPN.

Those apps are grounded is dangerous VPN apps because they will quickly kill your phone.

VPN: 10 Most Important Things About you can also take a look at these best things about VPN.

3 Insecure Connections

Upon looking at dangerous things about VPN we can also see that some apps does not have secure connections.

This is probably because some developers are not real developers, they buy app source code.

They will just added what is being created by someone not sure about how it works.

So it is important and recommended to know that you are using a VPN with secure connection.

Insecure connection will always leak your real IP address and you will always be caught by your ISP.

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4 Will Be Detected

Whenever you suffer insecure connections while using your VPN you will always be detected by your ISP.

This is why we always encourage people to know the app they are using and it should be from a trusted source.

Like I said earlier, you should download apps from Google Play store or app store to ensure the original thing.

It might sounds awkward but it’s useful and you will only see it when you get in trouble.

In some countries the use of VPN is totally prohibited so you will be detected if you are using insecure connection VPN.

Especially if you are using it for obtaining free internet you will be detected by your ISP if your connection is not secure.

5 Payment Info At Risk

Your payment information will be at risk if you use apps you don’t know, you will be asking your info.

Some apps contains in-app purchases but they must be completed with Google Play store.

However, if not this means you will be risking your credit card, it’s better if it’s PayPal.

Don’t just enter you credit card information in apps you don’t trust, you will be hacked.

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6 Consult Before Use

It is more important to consult those who have ever used this app you might want to use.

Because even just use it sometimes you will suffer some challenges so he it’s important to ask others.

You can also come to this website and drop your question anywhere in the comments and we will get back to you.

We offer free consultation on any Android app you can ask for me pen settings or apps for free.

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