The most important things you should know about Droid VPN free internet app.

We always use Droid VPN for free internet access on a daily basis.

However, there are a lot of things that we should know about this application.

Why not talking about the bad and the good things of the application.

You may know how to set up DroidVPN to get free internet data and creating an account.

However, there are some things that you might be missing, you should learn them today.

After reading this article you should be knowing DroidVPN better than you do.

Questions are allowed on this website, users are required to comment about their experience.

This will let us know how to improve this website so that you can always enjoy free internet.

How To Use Droid VPN

Droid VPN settings for Econet

Droid VPN is an easy to use VPN that requires no technical skills to operate.

To use Droid VPN you need to have an active Droid VPN account.

In order to sign up for a Droid VPN account you may need to have a Google account.

It is very easy to sign up for a Droid VPN account and you can start using it right away.

If you think you are doing something wrong while creating your account you can contact us.

We will always help you with all you need to have free internet access.

Free internet access can be obtained on a daily basis if you can follow this website properly.

How To Create Droid VPN account

Droid VPN

Have you ever wondered how you can create a Droid VPN account on your own?

Well that’s the question with some new users who are looking for how to use Droid VPN.

We have already created an article about how you can create a Droid VPN account.

It is a well explained article that will help you to create an account on your own.

If you still facing some challenges please comment down below this article, it’s free.

Take a look at this how to create a Droid VPN account article to get started.

How To Activate Droid VPN Account

You can easily activate your DroidVPN article and can be done by anyone.

A Droid VPN account that is already created is the one that can be activated.

But if you don’t have a DroidVPN account you may need to create one from this link.

Once you have created a DroidPN account you need to activate it in order to work.

You can also take a look at how to activate Droid VPN account article.

Very easy right? Yes it is very easy and we are glad that you can now activate Droid VPN account.

Does Droid VPN Give Free Internet?

Well, yes DroidVPN can give free internet that is if you have the correct settings for free internet.

If you don’t have the correct settings that can work on your sim card unfortunately you want to get free internet.

But there is something you can do, you can click on the request VPN settings button in the menu of this website.

And don’t forget to provide the name of your network so that we can know which one to work on.

You will always get the settings that can work on your network.

However, if DroidVPN is not supported on your network you won’t get the settings.

What we will do is to notify you about your request and give you some recommendations.

 Types of Droid VPN

Many people are claiming that they are different types of DroidVPN.

But to tell you the truth if there is only one DroidVPN application.

And that one can be downloaded by anyone, you too can download from this link.

The reason why it seems like there are many different Droid VPN apps is that,

  • The many modifications of the original drawing VPN.
  • Many people are introducing modded Droid VPN apps.
  • People are taking advantage of unavailability of Droid VPN settings.

This make people create the modified versions of the app.

Pretending is if the modified efficients are better than the original which is wrong.

There is only one Droid VPN application that should be used by all.

Which Droid VPN Settings are Best

There are many different Droid VPN settings that can work perfectly in different countries.

The only thing that matters most is which settings work best on your network.

For some user it may be TCP settings and for some it may be UDP settings.

While we still there, for someone it might be proxy settings and for someone it might be non proxy settings.

So this means all valid settings are best depending on area and Network.

You can check out the Droid settings on this website to see if you can get the best for your network.

You can test the settings to see which ones or better on your network but all settings are best.

How To Connect Droid VPN With 1 Click

It is very easy to connect Droid VPN with only one click, and it is not stressful.

Taking a lot of time trying to connect may become boring and annoying.

However, sometimes you may need only one click to get connected to Droid VPN.

There is a video attached to this post that you can follow in order to get one click Droid VPN settings.

Watch video below

What Is One Click Droid VPN Settings

To summarize, one click Droid VPN settings at the settings that makes it easy to connect.

Once you have them you can connect with only one click.

We are seeing you don’t need to keep on clicking the start button, you just click it once.

Could Not Open Main TCP Socket

The error could not open the main TCP socket sometimes becomes annoying.

Because sometimes if you are using Samsung devices and others it may take up to 3 minutes saying the same thing.

However, if you are using some devices like itel only takes a maximum of 30 seconds.

This error okay is differently depending on the device you are using DroidVPN on.

In order to clear this error or to get rid of it you just have to perform simple trick.

When you start getting they could not open the main TCP socket error just force stop your Droid VPN and clear the cache.

Wait for at least 5 minutes then come back to the application and the error will disappear.

Droid VPN Apk

Droid VPN apk has many different versions that varies from device to device.

There is a vision for Android 4.0 up to Android 12.0 and may exclude some versions.

The latest version application does not work perfectly on some Android devices.

So there is only one vision that can support Android 10 and above.

That is if you are facing some challenges using Droid VPN on your Android 10.

Check out this Droid VPN apk and you will be able to download for any device.

The link above also includes Droid VPN for PC and all Android devices support.

Droid VPN UDP Settings

Good VPN UDP settings works perfectly in some countries like uganda, Benin, etc.

You give me settings are very easy to configure for they don’t require much like TCP and HTTP.

You can set it up your UDP settings as follows:

Go to settings and click on UDP settings then only remote UDP enter 53 and local UDP enter 5000.

Make sure that auto port scan is turned on and t count 7 Account 14.

Now go back and choose the server or use random server then click on the start button.

Does Droid VPN Use Data

Well, yes Droid VPN can use your data that is if you connect it while you have data on your sim card.

However, this application can give free data even if you have no data.

In order to get free data you must have the correct Droid VPN settings for your sim card.

You may need to test all proxy and non-proxy settings in order to see which ones can work.

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Which Settings Are Best

In order to get free internet access you may need to have the best settings.

However, you may be wondering what are they and how to get them.

You don’t have to worry about that, this website gives you all VPN settings for free.

We usually share VPN settings for VPN apps that provide free internet access.

And we have already shared the best Android people settings for different networks.

You can use the search bar on top of this page in order to find these settings for your network.

In order to search you can also click on this DroidVPN Settings link and you will see the results.

How Do I Open A Droid Account

It is very easy to open a Droid account, as long as you have a Google account you can do it.

We have already published an article on this website on how you can create your account.

You only need a Gmail account that you can access and everything is explained on the link above.

How To Create a Premium Droid VPN Account

A premium Droid VPN account is so much important if you are a daily user.

But unfortunately, the premium account is not offered for free, you may need to pay.

It is not much expensive, the pricing starts from $4.99 up to $32.26.

You can also get in touch with us if you want to purchase a premium VPN account.

We can help you and sometimes we give some offers to our daily website users.

Can I Share My Premium Account

Sometimes you may need to share your account when you are not using it or for some reason.

However, it is not bad if you trust the person you are sharing your account with.

If you share your premium account with a stranger they can change the password.

You cannot share your premium account that you are using with someone to use it.

In other words, this means an account should only be used with only one person.

DroidVPN Account Suspended

Your account can be suspended if you are using a normal server for torrent.

Not all servers that are listed can be used to download torrent content.

You must use the servers that are labeled with P2P in order to avoid suspension.

This is only important if you want to download something on torrent.

You must also keep in mind that you can’t use a torrent saver while using proxy settings.

This will also cause your account to be suspended for 30 minutes.

A normal suspense can takes 30 minutes however if you continue violating this rule you’ll be banned.

Why DroidVPN is Not Connecting

They are several reasons why you are failing to connect your DroidVPN.

Sometimes it might be your ISP problem and that they are fixing it in the near future.

Maybe it is the signal strength of your network in that area.

It might also be that because the open port you’ve been using has been closed by your ISP.

If you have ever used DroidVPN to get free internet and now you are failing to connect you can try to:

  • Restart your phone
  • Check the Access Point Name
  • Make sure your data network is working
  • Make sure you are using the correct settings

If non of the above can’t help you through your situation you can try to:

  • Enter airplane mode
  • Clear application data
  • Re-enter the settings and retry

The above suggestions can you help you regain connection access on your DroidVPN.

DroidVPN Premium For Free

Everyone wishes to hack the application and get free premium subscriptions.

Some people use different apps that can bypass in-app purchases but nothing works.

But it is very useful to know that the app has a user side and the server side, important.

The user side is the app and the server side is the admin dashboard.

If you make a purchase it will be propagated on the server side.

So there is no way to bypass the in-app purchases of this application, you need to purchase legally.

Watch the video below

DroidVPN For Free Internet

Droid VPN provides free internet access if you have the correct and up-to-date settings.

In the event that you have some data on your SIM card, that data will be consumed when connecting.

And unfortunately it is not guaranteed that when that data is depleted you will keep connected.

Mostly once the data is depleted you will be disconnected automatically.

But the best way to go about it is to use the correct settings from VPN Settings Guru.

The other thing is that DroidVPN requires more patience and attention.

If you’ve never used DroidVPN you may need to keep trying different settings on this website.

But at least if you have ever used it you know the type of settings that actually work.

Use the search bar on top of this page to search for what you are looking for.

They are proxy settings, TCP and HTTP and also UDP settings that are complete.

The settings on this website are verified to be working on specific networks.

Some of them contains the network name and the ones that doesn’t have the name I meant to work for all networks.

Is DroidVPN Premium Better Than Free?

Droid VPN Settings

Well, the DroidVPN premium vision is much better than the DroidVPN free version.

But this doesn’t guarantee that if you have a premium account you will have fast network.

In addition, DroidVPN free account provides only 200 MB  per day.

You will also get extra 100 MB renewable on a daily basis to make it 300 MB daily.

At the same time, a premium account will give you unlimited data on a daily basis.

The only difference is about the bandwidth not connection fastness.

There are no premium settings and free settings, they all work except if you are using proxy.

Because you cannot use the premium proxy on a free DroidVPN account.

Even if you purchase a 1-month premium account you can use it unlimitedly.

All premium packages are unlimited, they are only different in terms of validity.

Final Thoughts

We’ve gathered all the information you may need to know about DroidVPN.

But you are not limited to only this, if you want to learn more you can let us know in comments.

We are ready to help you get free internet settings for your network for free.

All you have to do is to make sure that we know about your query for free data.

Always post a comment about your experience on our website, we love that.

VPN Settings Guru gives you free internet settings and apps for free.

You can request new or update of VPN settings that are already posted on this website.

Click the menu and you will see the request VPN settings button, click it and fill up the form.

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