Droid VPN free data settings 2022 for stress free unlimited internet connection for all networks.

You can get unlimited internet connection using Droid VPN for free.

The settings we’re going to share with you and the latest and the work perfectly in all countries.

Droid VPN settings from VPN Settings Guru will let you connect to the internet for free.

If you still having challenges after using this settings you can let us know in the comments.

The settings below are only for those who have ever used Droid VPN.

However, if you are still new to treat VPN you can check these Droid VPN settings.

Droid VPN Free Data Settings

Droid VPN

In order to use Droid VPN free data you must have a Droid VPN account that is issued for free.

It is very easy to create Android VPN account so that you will be able to get free internet access.

However, if you don’t know how to create a Droid VPN account you can see how to activate Droid VPN account.

You can also click on this link to go directly to Droid VPN sign up page.

The post linked above will teach you how to create a Droid VPN account and also how to activate it.

However, if you still have been challenges you can let us know in the comments.

Once you have an active Droid VPN account you can now download the latest app.

You can get the latest Droid VPN apk for both Android devices and PC.

For the sake of successful connection you are not allowed to use modified versions of Droid VPN.

How To Setup Droid VPN

Droid VPN Settings

Once you have a droid VPN account and the original Droid VPN application you now need the right settings.

First of all, install and open Droid VPN application then click on the three lines on your upper left.

Now click on account and enter your account details that is username and password.

Click on save sign up details and again click on the three lines on your upper left.

Click on TCP and HTTP then on a remote TCP enter 443 and on local TCP enter 1080.

Save and click on send HTTP headers on TCP, make sure it’s turned on.

Now go ahead and click on set HTTP headers and set them up as follows.

URL/Host: droidvpn.com

Extra headers: tick only user argent, online host, and keep alive.

After that click the following buttons respectively, generate, validate, and save.

Droid VPN Connection Settings

Now you need to set up the Droid VPN connection settings, to do that follow the steps below.

You may need to click on the three lines on your left and click on settings.

Now scroll down a little bit and click on VPN connection settings.

On this page you now need to tick the first four options and make sure the others are disabled.

Go back and click on the start button, you will see pop up just click okay.

Once again click on the start button to connect, this process takes longer depending on your network.

If you are not connecting you can proceed with the settings prepared for you below.

Droid VPN Free Data Proxy Settings

You can proceed to setting up Droid VPN free data process settings if you are failing to connect.

You don’t need to change anything from the settings you have entered above.

We are just modifying our Droid VPN free data proxy settings to comply with our network.

Now click on those three lines and go to settings then TCP and HTTP and go to proxy settings.

Tape the first option which is enable proxy then on proxy host enter

Leave proxy port the same way as it is, it should be 8080, 3128, or 80.

Go to proxy HTTP headers and set them up as follows:

URL/Host: droidvpn.com

On extra headers check only keep alive and leave the others unchecked.

Now click on the action buttons respectively, that is generate, validate and then save.

That’s all you can do now go back to your Droid VPN main user interface.

Set your connection protocol as HTTP or TCP, now tape on the start button to begin the connection.

Final Thoughts on Droid VPN Free Data

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