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This article will give you the latest Droid VPN settings for all networks in the world.

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Droid Settings

Droid VPN latest settings

These Droid settings are super fast on some networks however they might be slow on some networks too.

Keep in mind that you can request more settings on this web page for absolutely free.

To get more Droid settings you just have to click the requests VPN settings button in the menu.

You will be prompted to fill out a form with your name, email, country as well as your network, etc.

That phone will let us know about your request and we will get back to you as soon as we get there settings for you.

To speed up the process please provide all the required information and all that may be useful.

Like have you ever connected to Droid VPN and what type of droid settings have you used.

Droid VPN Latest Settings For Econet

Droid vpn settings

Droid VPN latest settings for Econet not very hard to configure, they are very easy.

However, is only one thing that happens with Droid VPN settings for Econet.

Econet works perfectly with Droid VPN however it does not work all the time.

You only have to check out with it because sometimes it works perfectly.

Firstly, you need to have an account, if you don’t have a Droid VPN account you can create one from this link.

And all the information about Droid VPN account has already been shared here.

Open your Droid VPN app and enter your account details command that is the username and the password.

Save and click on the three lines on your upper left and tip on settings then TCP and HTTP.

Remote TCP port 80, local TCP port 8080 then turn on Send HTTP headers on TCP.

Go to set HTTP headers and on URL/Host enter econetplay.mobi then on extra headers tick the following:

  1. Online Host
  2. Keep Alive
  3. User Agent

After that you need to click on the generate button then validate and save.

After saving click the back button once and you will see VPN connection settings.

Droid VPN settings for Econet

VPN Connection Settings

Tap on it and you just have to make sure that the following options are checked.

  1. Run as root
  2. Use VPN Service API
  3. Enable Compression
  4. Bypass VPN For local networks

Now go back and set up your connection protocol on either TCP or HTTP.

Choose any saver that’s appropriate, you can also choose a random server if you’re not sure.

Tap on the big round start button to begin the connection process.

Keep in mind that when connecting you should see connecting https… or connecting tcp…

If you’re not seeing something like that it means your network is not trees pulling at the moment.

However come at the awesome options for you check out below:

  1. Ha Tunnel Plus Files For Free Data
  2. Psiphon VPN Settings
  3. HTTP Custom Settings
  4. Stark VPN Config File Download

The above articles can also give you free internet data on your Econet SIM card.

Droid VPN settings for Econet

Droid VPN Latest Settings For Netone

The latest Droid VPN settings for Netone are also easy to configure, you just need to follow the steps below.

You also need to have an active Droid VPN account, if you don’t have create your own.

Click on the three lines and click on settings then TCP and HTTP.

On the remote TCP port enter 143, on local TCP port enter 1080.

Turn on the send HTTP headers on TCP button and click on set HTTP headers.

Setting Up HTTP Headers

  • URL/Host: netone.co.zw
  • Extra Headers
  • Online Host
  • User Agent
  • Keep Alive

Now you may need to click on the generate button then validate and finally save.

Tap the back button once and you will see VPN Connection Settings then click on it.

VPN Connection Settings

Tap on it and you may need to make sure that the following options are checked and leave the rest unchecked.

  1. Run as root
  2. Use VPN Service API
  3. Enable Compression
  4. Bypass VPN For local networks

Tap on the back button once and tap on TCP and HTTP again then scroll down to the bottom and click Proxy Settings.

Proxy Settings

Tap on the first button to turn it on, it says Enable Proxy.

Leave the second button not checked which says enable server is proxy.

Go ahead to proxy host and use one of the hosts IP address below:


Go ahead to setting up your proxy port, it should be 8080, 80, and 3128.

Now you may need to setup proxy HTTP headers by clicking Set Proxy HTTP Headers.

URL/Host: netone.co.zw

Extra headers:

  • Keep Alive

On proxy headers you just have to tick only Keep Alive then Generate, Validate and Save.

Go back and choose any server then click the start button for at least 5 minutes non stop.

If you are still failing to connect you may need to check out the connection trick at the bottom of this article.

Droid VPN Settings For MTN and Airtel

These settings are a little bit different from the ones I shared with you above.

Probably because these used UDP connection protocol and the above uses TCP and HTTP.

In order to be able to use these settings you may need to have an active Droid VPN account.

You can create your own free account from this link that is if you don’t have an account.

If you also need to know how to create and activate Droid VPN account you can take a look at the link above.

At first, you need to enter your account credentials that is username and the password.

Once you’ve done that click on the three lines then click on settings and click on UDP settings.

Now you need to set up your Droid VPN UDP settings just as follows:

Remote UDP port 53

Local UDP port 80

Make sure the options listed below are checked or turned on:

  • UDP port testing
  • Auto port scan

Proceed and on UDP connection mode choose Mode 1

Now you need to set up UDP Mode 1 settings as follows:

TCount: 5000

RCount: 14

Now click on the back button just once and click on VPN connection settings then tick the following:

  • Run as root
  • Use VPNService API
  • Enable Compression
  • Bypass VPN for local networks

Just below the bypass VPN for local networks click on tunnel MTU size and enter 1024.

Now you can connect to your Droid VPN and don’t forget to set the protocol as UDP.

Choose any random server and click on the big round start button.

This won’t take much long just be patient and you will actually get free data.

Droid VPN latest UDP settings

Droid VPN Connection Trick (TCP & HTTP)

Sometimes Droid VPN may be stressful to connect especially if you’re using TCP or HTTP protocols.

You may continue clicking the start button but sometimes it won’t work out.

So to make sure that you get free internet you may need to perform a connection trick.

This trick works on TCP or HTTP protocols only and it doesn’t work or UDP.

Click on the start button and it will say connecting tcp… Or connecting https…

Click on the Stop button right away, you may need to repeat the process until it says could not open main TCP socket.

Once it says that exit the app or go to the app info then force stop it and wait for at least 5 minutes.

When you come back after 5 minutes you should now connect with only one click.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for the time you took reading this article and I hope it’s been enjoyable.

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