Ha tunnel plus MTN filesHa tunnel plus MTN files download for free and no limits data connection is available here.

I’m going to share the latest ha tunnel plus config files for MTN users to get free internet access.

This is going to be a great way to get free and unlimited data without recharging your sim cards.

If you manage to follow this tutorial correctly, you will surely enjoy free data on a daily basis.

Ha tunnel plus MTN files comes in different usage limits, so you can just pick the one that’s suitable for you.

This doesn’t matter the location you are from, as long as you are using MTN you can still enjoy this trick.

But most of all, you must have the latest version of ha tunnel Plus app for Android devices.

You will also need to have a device that’s compatible with the latest version of the app, probably Android 5.0 going up.

Ha Tunnel Plus

Ha tunnel plus is one of the best Android apps that is available for free that can give free data.

Ha tunnel plus MTN files only makes the configuration process way easier than expected.

You don’t need you to pay for this app to enjoy unlimited internet connection if you follow tutorials from this website.

VPN Settings Guru offers different free internet connection tricks for free on this website.

This app works in many countries providing unlimited internet connection for all users.

You can also try it out to see if it can work in your country or on your network.

This is important because this app does not work for all networks worldwide, you can check with your network.

If you have ever connected this app on your network but not finding the correct settings you can request VPN settings.

It is free and convenient, this will let us know that you need VPN connection settings for your country and your specific network.

September 2022 Config Files

Free ha tunnel plus MTN files can give you free data every day if you follow this tutorial properly.

You will always get up to date config files and you will enjoy free data throughout September 2022.

These are ha tunnel plus MTN files but that’s not all, you can also check out the other ha tunnel plus files.

You will also find the interesting config files for different networks as well as different countries.

If you have some questions you are always welcome to ask them in the comments section.

Download Latest MTN Files

You can now downloading the latest MTN config files for ha tunnel plus users and they are free to download.

And don’t forget that the listed config files below are for all countries that use MTN as their internet service provider.

Just click on the appropriate download link and follow the link to the download page.

Download Ha Tunnel Plus New Version


MTN Unlimited

No Data Limit MTN

MTN 500 MB Daily

MTN Free Internet

This is one of our greatest pics on free internet tricks on MTN users worldwide and I hope you will enjoy.

If you need more information regarding this post you can let me know in the comments, I can help.

This is ha tunnel plus MTN free internet trick works for all MTN users and if not working for you you can let me know in the comments.

Furthermore, it is very easy to obtain MTN free internet despite the location or your mobile device.

These tricks are free for everyone and you can enjoy them too if you manage to follow properly.

Request New Files

The ha tunnel plus MTN config files listed in this post can expire will become outdated at any time in the evening without notice.

So if you find out that the config file is no longer working you can request a new config file.

But you may be wondering how you can request a new config file that is working for you.

It is very easy, you click the three lines on your upper right hand side and click on request VPN settings.

You will be taken to a new page where you will be required to fill out some important information.

You can also click on this request VPN settings button to quickly go to the page where you can request files.

Be sure to enter the correct information and the correct email address for feedback purposes.


Thank you so much for your time I hope you really enjoyed this free internet trick for MTN users.

Ha tunnel plus MTN files are free for all and they come with different usage limits.

So with that in mind you can pick whichever one that is suitable for you or that’s working for you.

If you have some questions please feel free to ask me in the comments so that I can help you through.

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