There are several things you should know about ha tunnel plus as a user.

It is so much important to know about these things if you use ha tunnel plus.

Most people just use this application to get free internet however, they have lots of questions.

It is your right to know the thing you are using, how it works and how you should use it.

Sometimes you might be missing some great features of the application.

Probably because you don’t really know how the application works or how to utilize it.

So this article will show you the best things you must know about ha tunnel plus.

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We always have people to get connected to free internet for free.

Ha tunnel plus has lots of functions and features that you may be learning in this article.

Ha tunnel plus MTN hat files download

Ha Tunnel Plus Custom SNI Codes

Ha tunnel plus custom SNI codes makes the VPN connection more easier depending on the type.

Some custom SNI codes are very slow, some are limited to a certain amount of data usage.

So in order to make the custom SNI work properly you need to choose the right SNI.

We’ll show you some SNI codes right below that you can test on your mobile networks.

Don’t forget that you can still request VPN settings for free on this website.

You can provide your country as well as the specific network name.

New Host For Ha Tunnel Plus

New host for ha tunnel plus enables users to get fresh free internet connection.

So in this tutorial we will share with you some host for ha tunnel plus that you can use.

You will get some free internet using the host below however, it’s not guaranteed.

Probably because there are many different networks in the world.

This post does have ha tunnel plus custom SNI for MTN and other networks.

So we encourage you to search this entire website for your network.

If you don’t find any settings for your country you can click on the request VPN settings button in the menu.

Choose any of the below host for ha tunnel plus and test for your network, don’t forget to comment.

Commenting will let us know if the host is working in your country or not.


Why is My Ha Tunnel Plus Not Connecting

There are several reasons why your ha tunnel plus is not connecting for free internet.

However, we are going to discuss some of the reasons why you are failing to connect.

So let’s take a look at the reasons below, they might be preventing you from connecting.

Poor Network Signal

Sometimes your network signal can lose strength and fail to connect you.

Depending on your ISP the signal strength can be restored immediately.

However, it should be connecting for some time then disconnect.

To identify that you are suffering from poor network signal you must be facing the challenges below.

  • Connecting for few minutes
  • Always disconnecting
  • Data connection switching to 3G/off
  • Data network disorders

If you are not facing any of the above challenges it means you signal is okay.

So let’s move on to the next challenge that you might be facing.

Config File Expired

The config file might have expired so you may need to get the latest ha tunnel plus config file.

However, you can also check if there is any information in the description of the config file.

You can use that information to get in touch with the creator of the hat file.

You can also change your date settings and drag it backwards.

This will make the config file work again or you can come to this website and request VPN settings.

The Host Has Been Closed

Sometimes it might be the host that has been closed by your internet service provider.

Because when you ISP identifies that some people are using free internet they will close the open ports.

By closing the open ports and open host you will not be able to connect.

However, you may need to find new and working HOST that may work.

Wrong Port

Most of the custom SNI hosts works properly with any port.

However, some settings may require a setting port in order to work properly.

You can refer to the person who gave you the hat file or you can just the available ports.

Wrong Connection Protocol

Ha tunnel plus uses different connection protocols and these protocols differs from one to another.

So if you are trying to set up your ha tunnel plus on your own then try to change the protocol.

Now we have listed some major problems that might be hindering you from getting the connection.

However, you can tell us more about the challenges you are facing in the comments.

VPN Settings Guru is always ready to help you with queries regarding free internet.

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How To Creat Config Files Ha Tunnel Plus

Creating your own ha tunnel plus config file is not even complicated.

However, when you are creating a config file you need to create one that really work.

This is where it gets hard for most people to create their own ha tunnel plus config files.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can create your own config files.

First of all, you may need to know the custom SNI host that work for your network.

Don’t worry it is not very hard to find out a working custom SNI bug host.

To get started you may need to know some zero rated websites on your network.

Zero-Rated Websites: How To Find and Use Them

A zero rated website is a website that users can access even without data credit but on a specific network.

If you don’t know any of the zero rated website for your network you can search.

You may need to go over to Google and search for zero rated websites.

If you are not using a VPN it will just show you the zero rated websites for the networks of your country.

However, if you are using a VPN you may need to specify your network.

For example you can go to Google and search for zero rated websites for MTN South Africa.

You will see them and very soon we will have zero ready websites in our database.

Convert Zero-Rated Website To SNI

Now you need to convert the zero rated website address to custom SNI.

In order to that you may need to open this website and paste it there.

Paste and click on the convert button and you will see an IP address, that’s the custom SNI.

Copy that IP address and open your ha tunnel plus and set up custom SNI.

To set up custom SNI click on the custom setup button and from the drop down choose SNI.

How To Find Working SNI

There is also an alternative way that you can use to find working SNI host.

It is way simple then the above because you don’t need to bother yourself with the zero rated websites.

You may just need to click on this link and you will reach the destination.

After that you will see some countries listed on top and something like my***za.

You might not see your country listed, it’s not a problem just to choose any country.

And you will see the hosts then just choose them one by one and get the SNI.

Once you get the SNI just go with it to ha tunnel plus and test it right away.

Sometimes you will have a lot of work to do because not all of them can work for you.

So you need to keep trying them 1 by one and you will definitely find one.

How To Import Config File

Importing is ha tunnel plus config file is not very hard, it is a very easy.

Open your ha tunnel Plus app and click on the three dots on your upper right.

No click on the first option which is import/export then choose the import option.

Now you need to locate the folder where your ha tunnel plus config file is located.

If you have downloaded the config file from this website it might be located in download folder.

However, this is probably depending on the browser you are using.

OpenVPN Settings For Free Internet

Option 2

This option is much easier than the first one above.

You need to open your file manager and open the folder that contains the file you want to import.

Locate the file and click on it, it will open the ha tunnel plus app.

You will see a notification says import success or a password prompt that is if the file is password protected.

This is it going to how to import ha tunnel plus config files.

Import file in ha tunnel plus

How To Export Config File

Once you have created a working ha tunnel plus config file you may need to export it.

You need to click on the three dots that are on your upper right hand side.

No click on the import/export and choose the export option.

Now you will be able to name your file and add a description if you want.

You can also lock the hat file with password, take a look at the below screenshot.

Export ha tunnel plus config files

How To Use Expired Config File

Using an expired config file might be tricky sometimes however, there are some valid ways to use it.

You may get a config file that really works and suddenly it can get expired.

To use an expired ha tunnel plus config file you may need to go to your Android phone settings.

And adjust the date of your phone, you may need to drag it backwards.

In this trick works perfectly and you can reuse an expired config file.

Ha Tunnel Plus Mod Unlimited Time

Ha tunnel plus mod Apk with unlimited time as well as no advertisements.

We all know that nobody likes advertisements and those add time things in ha tunnel plus.

However, it is tricky because the application does not have a premium version.

The trick could work if the application had a premium version that users could subscribe.

So to tell you that truth, this application does not have a modified vision of it.

And it will always remain like that because the regularity update their application automatically.

So I will not encourage you to waste your time looking out for a modified version.

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Final Thoughts on Ha Tunnel Plus Tips

Thank you so much for your time, we hope this article has being so helpful to you.

These are the best 15 tips and tricks for ha tunnel plus users and those who want to start using it.

This has been a best article that we have gathered all what you need to know about ha tunnel plus.

However, you might still have some questions regarding this entire topic.

You are welcome to let us know by leaving a comment that explains your problem.

If you want some more config files you can let us know in the comments.

Or you can use request VPN settings right in the menu, it is always free.

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