Droid VPN Free Data – How to set up Droid VPN in order to get free data every day without paying anyone?

It is very easy to set up Data VPN to get free and unlimited internet data.

You may just need to know how the Droid VPN application works in order to get started.

After reading this post you will be able to know how you can get free internet access using Droid VPN.

It is very easy that anyone can do it and have a free and fast network connection.

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Droid VPN Settings free data

Droid VPN Latest Settings

In order to be able to start using Droid VPN, you may need to have an account.

That account must be active and if you don’t have you can create your own.

We have already taught people how to create a Droid VPN account.

The process doesn’t only end in creating an account, the account needs to be activated.

We have also made an article about how you can activate Droid VPN account very easily.

You can take a look at the articles highlighted above in order to create your own Droid account.

You can also use this link to go directly to design a page where you can get started.

After doing that you can continue with the steps below for getting free data.

Best Settings For Free Data

In this post, I’m only going to give you the best settings that can give you free and unlimited data.

If you can subscribe to Droid VPN premium you can get unlimited data however if you don’t you can get only 300 MB per day.

The subscriptions are not forced, you can subscribe whenever you want.

And having a premium account doesn’t mean you will have a fast network and the best settings.

The premium account will only give you unlimited bandwidth so that you will not be limited.

You will also have access to premium savers that are fast depending on your settings.

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Fast Droid VPN Settings

You can configure your Droid VPN in such a way that you can get super high speed.

However, this depends on your network and the settings you have used.

Because mostly, some networks require settings in order to work perfectly.

So these settings I’m going to share with you in this post are the best because they are not proxy settings.

Problem With Proxy Settings

Proxy settings are great however they have a certain problem that many users face.

The problem is receiving very low download or upload speeds.

The only way to fix that is to get a new proxy or get some non-proxy settings.

So in this post, I’m going to share the non-proxy settings that are super fast.

Droid VPN Settings free data

Droid VPN Non-Proxy Settings

First of all, you need to enter your account details and then click on the save button.

Now go to settings and click on TCP and HTTP then on remote TCP port 2401 and local TCP port 5190.

Click on the send HTTP headers on TCP button and make sure it’s turned on.

That’s it, go ahead and click on the set HTTP headers button to set up your HTTP headers.

Setting Up HTTP Headers

Set up your Droid VPN HTTP headers as follows:

URL/Host: droidvpn.com

You will see the option that is marked extra headers.

Under this option turn on only three options that are:

  • Online host
  • User Agent
  • Keep Alive

After that, you can now click the action buttons respectively, generate, validate and then save.

Now you need to set up your VPN connection settings, let’s go to the next step.

Droid VPN

VPN Connection Settings

Click on settings then go to TCP and HTTP and then click on VPN connection settings.

If you are using the latest version of the application you just need to click on settings and then VPN connection settings.

To set up your connection settings you just need to click on the first four options.

If you are using an old division you may need to click on the first 3 options only.

That’s all you need to do and make sure all the other options are turned off.

This is it now you need to go to the homepage and select a random server.

After setting a random server you can now set the protocol on TCP or HTTP.

Now click on the start button and keep on clicking it until you are connected.

If you are failing to connect you can try to continue clicking on the stop button when it says connecting https…

This will lead you to could not open main TCP socket.

When it started saying could not open main TCP socket you should keep on clicking until you are connected.

Droid VPN UDP Settings

If you use your UDP settings you should not use the above TCP or HTTP settings.

However, you can give them a try they might also work while you are not aware.

You also need to have an active Droid VPN account.

Enter your account credentials then go to settings and click on UDP settings.

Only remote UDP Port enter 53 or 2401 and on local UDP port in the 8080 or 5190.

Turn on UDP Port testing and Auto port scan and on UDP connection mode choose mode 1.

Now the last option is to set UDP mode one settings that are t-count 7 and r-count 1000.

We are done with UDP settings now you can choose a random server or your desired server then click the start button.

Happy Surfing – the settings above canoe give you a high speed internet connection.

Final Thoughts on Droid VPN Free Data

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