Psiphon VPN settings for free internet in 2022 using the best leading free VPN app.

You can get as much data as possible using the below Psiphon VPN settings.

You can even get the most out of it if you subscribe for the Psiphon VPN Pro.

Subscription is only for those who understand how it really works.

If your VPN is not working while you are using a free version then bad luck to you.

It doesn’t mean buying a subscription will make your Psiphon VPN work.

Before purchasing a subscription you must ensure that it is working properly.

In addition, you must also ensure that the connection can last longer.

Because the connection can be cut shortly after purchasing a subscription.

What Is Psiphon VPN

Well, Psiphon VPN is a mobile VPN application that was developed by Psiphon inc.

This VPN application consist of 2 different versions, free and pro versions.

Anyone can use free version and enjoy unlimited internet access for free.

However, if the user wants free internet with more speed, they must upgrade.

No one is forced to upgrade unless you want unlimited data and internet speed.

Psiphon VPN Settings

Psiphon VPN settings are different depending on your ISP or country.

But in this post, we will share the best Psiphon VPN settings that many people find useful.

You can let us know how they are performing on your network as well as the country you live.

This is so much important to us and all those that rely on VPN Settings Guru.

We will always come up with more different settings that would actually work.

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Psiphon VPN Settings For Free Internet

If you want to obtain free internet access using Psiphon VPN you need correct settings.

The correct settings will then help you get the internet data you want.

So first of all you need to download the Psiphon VPN app from google play store.

After that open it up and you will see something in the screenshot below.

Psiphon VPN settings

Click on the options button then click on more options and tick on disable timeouts.

This will make your VPN take it’s time without any timeouts.

No click on proxy settings and tick connect through an HTTP proxy.

After that click on use the following settings and configure as below.

Now you just need to work on two options that are host address and port.

Now if you know the bug host of your internet service provider you can enter it there.

It will also give you free internet however, if you don’t know you can do the option below.

After entering your ISP bug host you will be able to connect, you just need to click the start button.

But if you don’t know anything about bug host you can try using the proxy host.

Psiphon Proxy Settings

You need to look out for a proxy that can work with your internet service provider.

There are many sources that can give you free Psiphon VPN proxy.

Psiphon proxy settings can be found from different sources on the internet.

You can try going to or you can also try

You will see a lot of proxies there, just try one at a time and you will find one that really work.

Sometimes it will fail to connect because your ISP might not provide free internet that way.

Final Thoughts on Psiphon VPN Settings

This is all we could share with you in this article regarding Psiphon VPN settings.

We hope it was very useful and understandable to everyone.

However if you somehow Left behind please be sure to leave a comment.

We are always there to help you with any questions you might have regarding VPN settings.

Just be sure to drop them in the comments so that we know how to help.

And also, if you have some VPN apps that you want to be added on this website be sure to let us know.

If you also have some VPN settings that you want please don’t forget to let us know.

You can also request your Android or iOS app to be added on this website the via the contact page.

It must be a real thing that really works especially for free internet.